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Divorce Lawyers

If your considering divorce or filing for divorce, the can provide you with quality legal advice and representation. Our firm is well-informed on current divorce legislation and practices.

When you arrive at our law office, you will be greeted by friendly and supportive staff and our best committed to your success. Our style includes warmth and professionalism. To speak with a family law lawyer  call or e-mail us, we offer a reduced rate initial consultation.


When you are going through this life-changing event we are here to help you navigate through the process, including evenings and weekends. There are situations that arise in which you find yourself scared and uncertain about what to do. We will answer your calls and questions.

Our divorce lawyers handle all aspects of uncontested and contested divorces, including:

Alimony, spousal support: Preliminary or temporary alimony may be awarded from the time you file for divorce to the time you go trial. After the divorce, you may be awarded temporary support or permanent support. Alimony is based on need and ability to be self-sufficient.

Division of property: Equitable distribution of the assets and debts, such as retirement and investment accounts, IRAs, and 401Ks. Thorny issues include division of real property, such as a home or land.

Post-decree modifications: Changes to support agreements may be ordered when a spouse’s income or status changes, such as by remarriage.

Clients’ concerns in divorce matters range from legal costs, to keeping their home. divorce attorney Olekanma Ekekwe  will negotiate aggressively for a reasonable divorce settlement, and will go to court if necessary to protect clients’ interests and rights. The divorce process is long and it commonly takes a year to come to a resolution of a case. District of Columbia statutes require a six months of r separation period prior to filing for a divorce.

Adoption Services

We assist in adoption related matters: Stepparent adoption, guardianship, child support liabilities after the adoption, grandparent’s rights, etc.

To speak with our adoption attorney, call 202 280-6663 or email us at Ekekwe@olekanmalaw.com  We offer a reduce rate initial consultation.