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Child Support

Child Support Attorney

Child support attorney we work with our client to negotiate an agreement that takes into consideration the best interest of the child.

We represent either parent in child support disputes. To speak with our child support attorney, call 202 280-6663 or email us at Ekekwe@olekanmalaw.com  we offer a reduced rate initial consultation.

State Guidelines for Child Support

State Child support guidelines determine child support. The child support amount usually takes into consideration the parents’ income, parents’ obligations, needs of the child. Other factors used to determine support amounts include child health care, extraordinary medical expenses, and the amount of overnight visits the child has with the non-custodial parent. There are situations where the amount may be more or less than the amount calculated. Parents may have agreed upon an amount in the divorce settlement or a prenuptial agreement. The court has final authority to set child support amount.

Child Support Modification

A parent is entitled to a modification of their support order if there is a substantial change in circumstances has occurred since the support order was entered. An increase or decrease in a parent’s income or the expenses for the child constitutes a change of circumstances.

If you have child support questions, call us to schedule an appointment. You will speak with a supportive and knowledgeable staff. call 202 280-6663 or email us at Ekekwe@olekanmalaw.com we offer a reduced rate initial consultation.